How to Start an Authorized Payment Center

Bayad Centers or Authorized Payment Centers provide a place for customers to pay bills. Examples of payments made through payment centers include utility, phone, medical, and collection bills. Consumers around the neighborhood choose to use payment centers to avoid late charges, mail delays, and most importantly, for their own convenience.

This kind of centers host like a middle man. The process is basically taking the payment from the consumers and customers, processing it on-site, and being responsible to make sure the payment goes through.

Before one can be an authorized payment center, there will be a long process of application, and have the funds to do this job.

Last but not the least, please keep in mind that you do not earn money for accepting these payments from the customers for these companies. However, you must charge a small fee to customers, but of course, the entire payment goes to the head company. All in all, the idea is to increase your own sales by allowing other people’s customers to make payments to your stores.