OFW Road to Success!

The Philippines is known to be number one when it comes to exporting workers overseas. We have witnessed stories of families separated, children being left by their parents and raised by their grandparents or distant relatives. Some stories had inspiring results and some were not. These are already common to us Filipinos. Although, we are known to be family tight-knit individuals, most of us still sacrifice to leave our loved ones just to give the life we are dreaming for them.

Couples like Auxillario and Mary Annn Sios-e of Cabuyao, Laguna, still recall how difficult it was every time they had to leave their family to work abroad. According to Mary, they weren’t there to witness their kids growing up. They weren’t there to personally praise them with their achievements and not there to hug and comfort them whenever they have problems. They had to sacrifice in order to give their kids a bright future.

The Sios-es alternately worked overseas and few years back, they decided to start a computer and diaper retail business. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way they were hoping for. While Auxillario was away, Mary had to manage the business alone but since it was her first time to manage a business and not well-equipped with all the knowledge she needed, their business had to close down. Again, Mary left the country to work abroad to support their children’s education. Auxillario eventually convinced his wife to come home and agreed to venture a business together. What happened next proved nothing is really impossible.

While looking for a good business to start with, they came to notice the long lines of people paying bills in payment centres and thought, there should be some alternatives to make payments easier. And with the help of social media, they found Posible. According to Mary, they were elated because, compared to other businesses, Posible doesn’t require a huge capital to start. Seeing the possible potentials, they immediately purchased a POSIBLE Business Package and started in their own community.

After earning additional income from processing bills and selling prepaid credits in their neighbourhood, they came to realize the possibility of earning even more. They introduced POSIBLE to their friends and relatives but as usual, not all were open-minded and as brave as they were. So they used the social media to share the potential of this business.

To their surprise, people started buying the device from them and enjoying the additional income for their families. Eventually, their effort and hard work began to kick off. They seemingly were the master franchise and through this, every POSIBLE outlet earns and so they do. Occasionally, when they were not selling POSIBLE Business Packages, the Sios-e couple would visit and check their outlets but at the end of the day, after working outside, they would go home to be with their family.

Auxillario and Mary’s POSIBLE success didn’t come overnight. It took courage, dedication and hard work. As for Mary, doing business with her partner makes everything easier. It makes her more confident when it comes to making decisions and the joy it brings when with loved ones and while doing the business, is something she couldn’t ask for more.