Smart & Money Padala Guide for New Users and Agents in the Philippines

We may have come across its banners in your neighborhood store and practically everywhere we go – the brand name alone tells what this business is all about. In the Philippine money remittance industry, Smart Padala is probably one of the leading and most recognizable names. That is to say, “padala” usually refers to the money sent to loved ones in the Philippines.

Before one can avail of thisservice, let’s learn more about how to use this remittance service. Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you get started.

Smart Padala by PayMaya is considered the largest domestic remittance network in the Philippines with more than 27,000 partner outlets nationwide. And under PayMaya, Smart Padala is a mobile remittance brand that offers a range of financial services, including bills payment, prepaid reloading, and domestic and international money transfer.

Smart Padala Requirements for Remittance

The good news is only one valid ID is required for sending and receiving money using this service. If you are claiming money, you also need to provide the reference number of the remittance transaction aside from presenting your valid ID.

 The following valid IDs are accepted by Smart Padala Agents:

  • Government-issued IDs (UMID/GSIS eCard, passport, driver’s license, NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, Postal ID, TIN card, PhilHealth ID, etc.)
  • Barangay Certification/Barangay Clearance
  • Company ID

How to Register with Smart Padala

Smart Padala encourages customers to complete the KYC or Know Your Customer process. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas requires KYC for financial services providers in the Philippines to verify the identity of their users.

With an authorized agent, you can undergo the KYC process on your next send/receive money transaction. You just have to fill out a transaction slip, present your valid ID, and have your photo taken by the agent.

Once you complete the KYC process, it will provide several benefits to you: It protects you against scams and it allows receiving the reference number immediately upon sending money. You are also entitled to exclusive promos from Smart Padala if you are a registered user.

How to Use Smart Padala Services: How to Send Money from the Philippines

1. Go to the nearest Smart Padala agent

Firstly, you just have to visit their website to help you find the nearest agent branch. Just type your location and the list of stores and their addresses within your area will be displayed.

Choosing your agent location near you, just fill out a transaction slip and present your valid ID. And if you want to ensure that your remittance goes to your intended recipient, write down the recipient’s name and mobile number correctly.

2. Pay the service fee

Once you’re done filling out the information needed, just present the accomplished transaction slip, remittance, and service fee payment to the agent.

3. Confirm your transaction slip

The slip will be returned to you after the agent has completed processing your transaction. Just double-check the information on the transaction slip and sign it once everything is good.

To confirm your successful transaction, you and your recipient will receive a text message with a reference number

How to Receive Money from the Philippines

Please note that you need to claim the money immediately within 150 days to avoid issues with the remittance.

1. Go to the nearest agent

If you are going to claim the money sent via Smart Padala, just fill out a transaction slip and present your valid ID to the nearest agent in your area. Just make sure to write down the correct reference number you received via SMS.

If by any means that you accidentally deleted the text message or you haven’t received any reference number, you can retrieve it by sending CHECK<space>PADALA to 8890 if you’re a Smart or TNT subscriber.

You may also get your reference number by calling the Smart Padala hotline number: (02) 845-7777 if you are a Globe subscriber.

2. Show the text confirmation to the agent

Be sure to bring your mobile phone when claiming a remittance because the agent needs to see the text confirmation to verify that you’re the legitimate recipient.

3. Confirm your transaction slip

The agent then will hand you the money and transaction slip After processing your transaction. Check if you received the correct amount and put your signature on the slip.

How to Send Money from Abroad Through Smart Padala

1. Visit a Smart Padala international partner

Sending money can be done either online or through the nearest physical branch depending on Smart Padala’s overseas remittance partner. 

2. Send your remittance

Transferring money from abroad to the Philippines may vary depending on whether you’ll do it online or through an agent’s physical outlet. Just follow the instructions on their respective websites.

How to send international remittance online

  1. Sign up for an online account with the partner agent.
  2. Deposit or load the money into your account. This is usually through bank deposit, ATM, or for some, a mobile banking fund transfer.
  3. Typically involves entering the recipient’s information and the amount to be sent, just send a remittance transaction request.

Your recipient can receive your remittance via cash pick-up at a Smart Padala partner outlet after the successful processing of your request.

How to send international remittance through an overseas agent location

  1. Fill out a Send Form then give the accomplished form to the agent and present your valid ID.
  2. Hand your remittance including the service fee to the agent.
  3. Give the remittance details (reference number and amount) to your recipient after receiving your transaction receipt.

How to Receive Money from Abroad via Smart Padala

  1. Go to the nearest Smart Padala agent that allows claiming of international remittance.
  2. Just show your text confirmation from Smart Padala to the agent responsible for your transaction.
  3. Indicate the reference number sent by the sender in the transaction slip and present your valid ID as well.
  4. Receive the cash and transaction slip. Sign the slip after double-checking the information.

How to Pay Bills via Smart Padala

Just like the traditional bills payment centers in the Philippines, Smart Padala’s Bills Payment service works just like that. Just bring your billing statement to the nearest partner outlet that accepts bills payment and give your payment before your due date to pay your bills.

Smart Padala accepts payments to the following billers:

  • Utilities: Meralco, Maynilad, Manila Water, Central Negros Electric Co. (CENECO), etc.
  • Telecom: SMART Bro, SMART Gold, Sun Cellular Postpaid, PLDT Landline and Plus
  • Credit card: BPI
  • Cable TV: Cignal and Sky Cable/ZPdee
  • Insurance: PhilCare, Pioneer Life, Inc., Sun Life Financial Plans, Inc., and Sun Life of Canada, Inc.
  • Loans: Home Credit, Pera Agad, and Cash Credit
  • Government: National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation
  • School tuition: Ateneo de Naga University and University of Baguio
  • Toll fees: Easytrip Transponder and MNTC North Luzon Expressway

How to Apply as a Smart Padala Agent

Did you know that you can make as much as PHP 50,000 per month by providing remittance, bills payment, and prepaid mobile reloading services in your neighborhood if you want to earn extra income as a Smart Padala agent?

Smart Padala Agent Application Requirements

One should have a sari-sari store, mini convenience store, or any business establishment where customers can transact with you. Or in other terms, this entrepreneurship opportunity is only available to small business owners with a physical store.

You should take note that starting a Smart Padala business also requires a capital of PHP 5,000 to PHP 10,000, a basic mobile phone, and a Smart SIM card. Also, there is no processing fee or franchise fee is required for those who wish to open their own remittance center.

To apply as an agent, you need to submit certain documents, depending on how your business is registered.

For Non-DTI/SEC-Registered Business

Here are the required documents for your Smart Padala agent application if you own a small sari-sari store or any business that doesn’t require a DTI registration:

  • Valid ID of authorized signatory
  • Barangay Business Permit
  • Printed and clear photo of the store with the store name and owner
  • RA (Remittance Agent) license (for pawnshops and money changers)

Sole Proprietors

  • Valid ID of authorized signatory
  • Business / Mayor’s Permit
  • BIR Form 2303 (Certificate of Registration)
  • DTI Certificate of Business Name Registration
  • RA license (for pawnshops and money changers)

Partnership or Corporation

  • Valid ID of authorized signatory
  • Business / Mayor’s Permit
  • BIR Form 2303
  • SEC Registration
  • SEC General Information Sheet
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  • Secretary’s Certificate / Board Resolution on authorized signatories
  • Financial Statement
  • RA license (for pawnshops and money changers)

How to Apply as a Smart Padala Agent

Here is the easy application process to become an agent:

  1. Fill out the Smart Padala online enrollment form
  2. Upload the complete requirements and wait for their feedback within two working days.
  3. Your application will undergo an evaluation process. Just wait to be contacted by a representative within five working days regarding the approval of your agent application.
  4. You’re ready to operate once you get approved. And an Activation Certificate and Starter Kit will be delivered to you. Please expect to be trained by an authorized account officer.

POSIBLE Money Padala

With POSIBLE Money Padala, there are also many options for money remittance also with cashless transactions like GCash™ and PayMaya™. There’s also POSIBLE DePOSito™ if should you deposit a money.

POSIBLE Money Padala is no doubt an ideal addition for an extra income aside from your existing business especially if there isn’t any banking center in your area. With this, there are also many padala options that will add as income into your business!

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